Dear Visitor, once you take a while to get a glimpse of this extraordinary, sensuous item, you’ll surely want it to come into your possession. Astonish your friends, liven up a party! You too can DROP DEAD.

DROP DEAD is available for purchase at a discount at the ETNO2012 gallery..

The Idea

Lo and behold, DROP DEAD, the unique collector’s item. DROP DEAD is the offspring of our passion and resolve. It is the child of the Cute Cube Collective, a creative group of people in possession of arcane knowledge, gathered by countless generations of alchemists. One of a kind. The mysterious alembic. Vas Hermetis.

The Design

The item was designed and produced in Poland through an extremely complicated casting process. Each copy is cast manually, and subsequently manually polished by a master craftsman. Made out of high quality crystalline resins. Cold to the touch. Volume of 250 ml. Cylindrical in shape. 7 cm in diameter, 10 cm in height. The experience of the family casting workshop makes it certain, that this item may be called a true piece of applied art.


Fill it with whatever it is you crave. An elixir of eternal life, virgin’s milk, maybe? If not, then alcohol will do! When an ominous skull appears before you, stare deeply into its eye sockets. See your own self, in articulo mortis. Treat the item with reverence. If necessary, clean it with lukewarm water. Dry it with a soft rag. Do not use hard sponges or metallic dishrags under any circumstance. Also, don't leave it with the regular dishware; show it off in a display cabinet. Use it only when making the most extraordinary of toasts.

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Photos of DROP DEAD.

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About Us.

Cute Cube Collective is a group of 6 artists hailing from Central Masovia, who engage in designing, as well as the difficult crafts of sculpting, casting and creating mockups. We use our own custom resin blends. We also produce ceramic items, unique, lacquered rod sculptures for offices and homes, and mockups for movies and ads. The subjects of our works are mostly popular heroes, Luciferian creatures and cultural memes. The skull – a universal and ambiguous symbol – is our favorite motif. Oh, and we’re said to have a sense of humor. DROP DEAD has also been known under the name “Cristiano – And Time Goes By” as a submission to the international ETNO 2012 Design contest during the Euro 2012 Championships, where it was commended for “extraordinary utilitarian qualities and a curious sense of humor”.



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I was born under strange auspices
Sagittarius showed the way - Gemini was my guide (...)
I am Adam Kadmon.
The infinite and the null
The Alpha and the Omega.
The mutated gene of the coming race (...)
My tower raping the sky!
My wheels crushing the kingdoms!
Behold! The winged skull rising!

—The Winged Skull Rising by ACHRONTAS

Guide a truth
Prevail and ride
Into the black hole
Searching the crystal
Making the veins bleed (...)
The touch is cold
I tore a path screaming through wind and blood
I will it all
Burning deep in my skull

— Crystal Skull by MASTODON

I cannot forget
Until the last breath
The terrible words he said (...)
Drink in the skull of your father
You will drink in your father's skull (...)

— Drink in the skull of your father by WOTAN


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